I’ve had arguments that the Fringe needs more female comedians next year; but I think absolutely everyone will agree that Shirley and Shirley need a bigger venue.
Ed Uncovered ★★★★★

Some partnerships are thrown together at the whim of agents and producers; others seem to fit like Siamese twins of the comedic arts. Shirley & Shirley are two talented comedians who complement each other perfectly. They are a terrific comedy pairing, and certainly one to watch.
Funny Women ★★★★

Take two women, a seemingly endless array of accents and an hour’s worth of imaginative sketches. Character observation is clearly this duo’s main stock in trade and with such well executed vignettes throughout, it’s clear that these two are no amateurs. This show is a riot of silliness, lovingly and confidently honed into a show that shouldn’t be missed.
Three Weeks★★★★

You barely have time to recover from the laughter evoked by one sketch before you’re clutching your sides at the next one. It’s clear that they want to do their own thing and not just reproduce the same old worn out sketches done a million times before.
Broadway Baby ★★★★

These girls are going all the way.
The Herald ★★★★


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