Late Night Lock In ★★★★★

Shirley & Shirley & sassy, sexy, young, scream-out load comedy duo from ‘sahf o’ the river,’ whose hour of hilarity is a white-knuckle ride of sketches, skits, impersonations & sheer silly fun. I mean, the taller Shirley was giving an ‘air’ blow-job while her dad was in the audience, which shows these girls have no fear when it comes to subject matters & daredevil delivery. Another example was when they impersonated two gay Italians, & got two butch lads from the audience to bob from a bucket of water – but not for apples, for sex toys!

As I was watching their show, I couldn’t help but think this was themost fun I’d had with any of the ‘comedy’ shows, a matter of saving the best til last, perhaps. At the show commenced, they asked the audience who had seen them before, & uprose a glorious roar of happiness. the rest – myself included – were virgins. Come the end, I overheard a coupel of guys go, “if they were on next year would you come back?” – “yeah definitely!” I have to say, I agree.