Shirley And Shirley – The Wonder Years ★★★★

How many sketches can you fit into a 50 minute show? According to Shirley And Shirley, a lot. You barely have time to recover from the laughter evoked by one sketch before you’re clutching your sides at the next one. Although short, the sketches are imaginative and cleverly conceived. It’s clear that they want to do their own thing and not just reproduce the same old worn out sketches done a million times before. You’ll be amazed at the range of topics, characters and situations they can cover, from kebab shop dance duos to thespian incest and everything in between. And before you know it, they’re taking their final bows, and you’re feeling a little sad that it’s time to leave.

Assembly Hall, 4 – 29 Aug (not 15), 6.45pm (7.35pm), £9.00 – £11.00, fpp151.
tw rating 4/5