On The Beeb At Last

Having trawled through the Palestinian diaspora in the UK, they finally found me on the dark web!

I was so chuffed to be part of this documentary which took me back to Palestine (modern day Israel) where my mother and generations of her family were from. The programme follows 6 families, three of Palestinian heritage and three of Jewish heritage. Never before have we seen Palestinian stories told alongside Jewish stories. In fact, never before have we heard Palestinian stories full stop. 

To understand more about why the Holy Land is in such a painful mess today, you have to revisit 1948 when the State of Israel was created and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were displaced. 

Human stories told by actual humans. 

This programme is for all the Sabaneghs out there, who still consider Palestine their home, and who still dream of the right to return one day. 


On The Beeb At Last